Brake Parts Cleaner

CDelco Brake Parts Cleaner can cure the impaired function of disc and drum brake systems due to build-up of dust and grease. A non-chlorinated aerosol, Brake Parts Cleaner quickly dissolves and removes brake dust, grease, grime and other contaminants from brake parts. Rapidly evaporating it does not leave any residue. It can also be used on electrical contacts, alternators and electric motors.

Radiator Fast Flush

If overheating from engine deposits is a problem, Radiator Fast Flush can be the answer. This concentrate of detergents and wetting agents loosens rust and scale from inside the radiator core, engine block and coolant lines for easier removal during a system flush. Cleaning out the radiator and engine block, the cooling system efficiency can be restored allowing the engine to operate properly.

Super Penetrant

By dissolving and penetrating rust and corrosion, ACDelco Super Penetrant helps free metal fasteners to improve stiff operations and prevents seizure of metal parts. Super Penetrant displaces water in electrical connections that restore operations of electrical components.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

CDelco Fuel Injector Cleaner removes deposits and prevents them from forming inside the fuel injectors and from the intake valve. This product enhances fuel flow and combustion efficiency, improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions.