Bosch is one of the largest suppliers of automotive belts. Our comprehensive range of drive belts include V and double ribbed belts, cogged belts, timing belts and timing belt kits.

Bosch belts are made to original equipment specifications and are designed for long life. Pre-stretched polyester tension cords, fibre reinforced belt back and standard glass fiber tension cords ensure low maintenance and lateral stiffness. This means the driver enjoys the best possible safety against engine damage.

Bosch Ribbed V-Belts

The ribbed V-belt drives several units and is intended for vehicles with extensive technical equipment. This driving belt is characterized by high operating safety and efficiency. High power transmission is ensured by the ribbed profile. Transversely arranged fibres on the back of the belt make it very stable.

Bosch Double Ribbed V-Belts

Doubled ribbed V-belts drive, in particular, extensive drive configurations and ensure high power transmission. This drive belt has a ribbed profile on both sides. The advantage of this is that the back of the belt is also used to drive a unit. Auxiliary equipment can therefore be arranged more compactly.

Bosch V-Belts

V-belts are suitable for general use in compact drive units. The open-flank design of V-belts with high-quality materials ensures safety and reliability together with a long service life.

Bosch Timing Belts

The timing belt is intended to drive camshafts and diesel injection pumps. Force is transmitted by means of teeth. The teeth in Bosch timing belts are made of high-quality rubber mixtures and are coated with a polyamide fabric for additional protection. Glass-fiber tensile strings ensure absolute length constancy and high tensile strength.

Bosch Timing Belt Kits

Thanks to the complete exchange of all wearing parts in the drive unit, kits ensure greater safety when changing toothed belts. Timing belts, belt idlers and deflection pulleys in a kit make it easier for the workshop to identify all wearing parts in a drive unit. Bosch kits contain all components in OE quality.