ACDelco Suspension & Shocks

Restoring the vehicle suspension systems back to new can be accomplished with ACDelco Shocks and Struts. They deliver superior handling over a wide operating environment.

Product Range

Air-Adjustable Struts

Designed for rear-strut equipped cars, this series maintains proper vehicle height and suspension when combined with a height-control system.

Truck and Van Shocks

Designed for light- and medium-duty trucks, vans and 4WD sport utility vehicles, this series provides a smooth ride under varying load conditions.

Gas-Filled Lift Supports

Designed to lift and hold open hatches, hoods, trunks and station wagon rear windows, this series enhances convenience and safety.

Steering Dampers

Designed to improve steering stability, this series is particularly effective under high wind conditions.

Why ACDelco Shocks and Struts

  • Proven reputation for quality: Experience designing and building customized ride control for all kinds of vehicles. Industry leaders in reliability, durability and performance
  • Perfect choice for most cars and models: ACDelco offers a complete line of aftermarket shocks and struts for cars and light trucks
  • Smart engineering: Aftermarket ACDelco Shocks and Struts perform exceptionally well with existing suspension parts as they are specifically designed to compensate for the normal wear of these parts
  • Excellent warranty: ACDelco Shocks and Struts feature a very competitive warranty
  • ACDelco Premium Gas-Charged Shocks with Road Response™