BAT 690 – & BAT 131– Battery Tester, Starting and Charging System

The universal BAT 690 is designed to charge all battery types, including; lead-acid, maintenance-free, standard, gel, fleece, AGM, EFB and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries. Using its soft charging phase, the BAT 690 can automatically charge heavily-depleted batteries.

Featuring as standard, both a backup mode, maintaining voltage supply to buffer data during battery replacement (e.g. car stereos, supply and control units, etc.) and floating mode, to keep the SOC of the battery and stabilize the vehicle’s electrical system when the engine is off. In floating mode, the battery charger can support the on-board power supply during any control unit updates.

The BAT 131 is a portable battery tester with a large LCD display and a multi-language menu-guided interface, suitable for testing across the DIN, JIS, EN, SAE, IEC and EN2 standards.

With the capability to test 12 V and 24 V starter and charging systems, the tester can support the optional use of a current clamp, enabling more extensive testing and improving test results. The BAT 131 is the benchmark in battery testing on cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles with lead-acid, EFB, gel and AGM batteries.

Features and Benefits BAT 690

  • Automatic charging characteristics for different types of battery: Charge batteries easily and efficiently
  • 90 A of continuous current output is able to charge all types of 12 V and 45A for 24 V battery: Truly universal charging
  • Soft charging phase: For heavily depleted batteries
  • Backup mode: Maintains voltage supply to buffer data during battery replacement
  • Floating Mode: Power supply support during control unit updates
  • Dot matrix display in 18 languages: Clear measurement readings
  • USB port keeps battery charger software up-to-date: For futureproofing
  • Charger holder for wall mounting: Convenient for extended charging periods
  • Compact: Only 220 (w) x 115.5 (h) x 473 (d) for space saving in the workshop or in transit
  • Robust housing: Durable for daily use

Features and Benefits BAT 131

  • Extended test mode: Can conduct tests on a wide range of batteries including the 12 V and 24 V starter and charging system
  • Optional amp clamp upgrade: For even more accurate test results
  • Optimised test algorithm: Test new batteries that are in stock or have never been installed
  • Load-free test procedure: Produces fast, precise and reliable measurement results
  • Large LCD screen: Enabling assisted operation through guided-menus and clearly readable results
  • Integrated printer: Provide the customer with clear and easy to understand graphical printouts
  • Store up to 100 test reports: Maintain history of service records for future communication with customers
  • USB port keeps tester software up-to-date: For futureproofing
  • Menu-guided intuitive operation in multiple languages: Easy to operate
  • 3 m replaceable cable: Provides excellent coverage around the vehicle
  • Lightweight: Only 700 g for use with one hand
  • Robust housing: Durable for daily use