We at Autoexcellence are proud of providing the Jordanian market with high quality and guaranteed automotive parts. Our trained staff of engineers in charge of the warranty process ensure that all warranty procedures are conducted accurately and smoothly.

When we receive any complaint from the customer related to any sold part from one of our branches, we do all the needed warranty procedures :

  • Receive and listen to the customer's complaint.
  • Enter the vehicle to the maintenance center (Bosch Car Service) and conduct the necessary tests on the defective part using BOSCH's latest test equipment. (Free of charge).
  • If there is a malfunction that is not related to the sold part, we give the customer a detailed report on the system’s problems and how to solve them.
  • If we find that there's a manufacturer’s defect in the sold part we replace it with a new one, install it, and re-check it on the vehicle using the latest test equipmentas well.