Horns and fanfares from Bosch

Horns and fanfares are needed in every motor vehicle. Particularly in hazardous situations, they allow the driver to warn other road users. Bosch has been developing and producing acoustic signaling devices since 1921. Bosch signaling devices are based on these decades of experience and expertise and incorporate innovative technology.

Key Features

  • Soft melodic sound, even over long distances
  • Unobstructed forward propagation of sound
  • Resistance to rust and stone impacts

Bosch Accessories

  • Auxiliary headlamps
  • Supplementary Park pilot URF 7
  • Flood lamps/searchlights
  • Warning beacons

  • Universal lamps
  • Signaling devices
  • Battery chargers (small chargers)
  • Brake fluid

  • Workshop supplies
  • Switches
  • Relays, turn signal flashers
  • Interference suppression