Brake fluid from Bosch Brake fluid is an important element in driver safety.

Brake fluid is the medium that transmits the driver's pedal force to the wheel brakes. Danger arises when the brake fluid ages due to absorption of water. This lowers the boiling point. The result can be vapor-bubble formation that can lead to failure of the entire braking system.

Brake fluid from Bosch has a sufficiently high wet boiling point, ensuring perfect force transmission under all braking conditions.

Bosch Super Plus

In keeping with Bosch's long history of innovation in the automotive aftermarket. SUPER plus is a new generation of mass-market spark plug, the first to offer precious metal performance at non-premium prices.

Bosch Super 4

This revolutionary plug features 4 ground electrodes so the spark can 'select' the best ignition path. This delivers optimized acceleration, more starting power and ultimate engine performance.

Bosch Platinum

Many vehicle manufacturer's now specify platinum plugs as original equipment and with good reason. Superior self-cleaning, more reliable cold weather starts and long life are just some of the benefits.