Diesel Components

Bosch has been the world's leading supplier of diesel technology since the production of the first diesel truck in 1924 and the first diesel car in 1936. As a result of regular close collaboration with engine designers and the innovative energy in development and production, modern high-pressure systems, whose high performance and economy have resulted in an increased market share for diesel systems, have been built in recent years.

Bosch Nozzles

Nozzles are a critical component of the fuel injection system. Today's diesel engines are equipped with high performance systems that require a nozzle to atomize fuel under extreme pressures. For that reason, quality built, 100% new nozzles are vital in ensuring perfect combustion, exact emissions and fuel economy for optimum engine performance.

Bosch Glow plugs

A regular preventive maintenance program keeps your diesel vehicle running right and can save you the cost and inconvenience of unexpected repairs down the road. When it's time for a tune-up, be sure to include a new set of Bosch Glow Plugs with Duraterm® technology, to deliver superior cold-start performance.

Bosch Diesel Injectors

Whether you've just changed the fuel filter or repaired the entire fuel system, count on Bosch Injectors for greater reliability and quick engine start-up. Trust Bosch diesel engine parts to deliver the ultimate in diesel engine performance every time.