Bosch Lighting Technology

Lighting technology from Bosch meets highest requirements and offers the right lighting solution for any use case. The complete program of Bosch lighting systems comprises head lamps, rear lamps, universal lamps, work lamps, flood lamps, spot lamps, beacon lamps and bulbs.


Bosch's program covers over 56% of the European market, making it No. 1 in Europe.
Bosch provides everything: the products offered range from simple standard halogen headlamps, through the "Litronic" Xenon light, right up to the world premiere of the Bi-Litronic in the Audi A8. Here for the first time, optimum visibility in the dark with double the luminous efficiency has been implemented not only for dipped headlamps but also for full beam.

Rear Lamps

Like headlamps, rear lamps are becoming more and more of a design factor. Transparent covering panes are also finding their way into tail lights. Bosch now also offers the right rear lamps for many popular vehicles.


The headlamp and the bulb form a single unit in the vehicle. Thanks to Bosch's high demands on headlamps and bulbs, optimum lighting is achieved, offering a decisive increase in safety.

The high quality of Bosch bulbs guarantees flawless and reliable operation. Low-quality bulbs foul early, constituting a safety risk, often without the driver noticing the deterioration in light power.

Choose Bosch bulbs in OEM quality

  • More than 140 different bulb applications for more than 95% market coverage.
  • The right bulbs with 6 V/12 V/24 V onboard voltage for all headlamps and lights.

  • High luminous intensity and luminous efficiency.
  • Compliance with legal requirements.

  • Long service life
  • OEM quality