FSA 500

The measurement module for basic electrical and electronic system diagnosis

Mobile and flexible

  • Compact, battery-powered measurement module with radio link to the PC system (Tablet with Windows Operating System, DCU 130, Laptop)
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible handling on the vehicle
  • Can be used together with FSA 050 for checking electrically driven and hybrid vehicles

Wide range of application options

  • Time-saving in situ checking of components
  • Around 30 pre-set component tests
  • Signal generator for simulation of sensor signals
  • Software for checking the main electrical and electronic components in the vehicle
  • Battery peak coil current measurement up to 24 hours
  • Convenient universal oscilloscope with 2-channel (2 x 40 MS / s) and 4-channel mode (4 x 1 MS / s)
  • Testing of vehicle bus systems (e.g. CAN bus)
  • Loading and storage of reference curves
  • For all standard electrical and electronic system test requirements
  • Engine test functions
  • Ignition scope
  • Convenient display of actual values from control unit diagnosis in combination with KTS module