WBE 4515

Balancing of passenger car and transporter wheels

  • Balancing of passenger car and transporter wheels. Motorcycle wheels also possible with optional accessories
  • Measurements with the laser measuring system: Rim width, true running and tire conicity measurement
  • Suggestion for optimum assembly position of the wheel on the vehicle
  • Printout of measurement results for customer discussions
  • Effortless lifting and positioning of the tire through an integrated tire lift
  • Simple operation and efficient technology
  • Different static and dynamic balancing options
  • Matching of rim and tire imbalance
  • Attachment of concealed weights behind the spokes
  • Time saving automatic tire positioning
  • Multiple-user function of software
  • Electronic scanning arm for quick recording of the rim diameter and distance
  • Automatic opening and closing of the tire cover
  • Pneumatic wheel clamping
  • Quiet motor
  • Easily readable TFT monitor