Electronic Control Unit

DAS 3000 S20 – Universal computer-based calibration and adjustment device

Following OEM requirements for collision repairs, maintenance and servicing – the sensors of an advanced driver assistance system must be readjusted and calibrated accurately.

The DAS 3000 S20 conducts precise calibration of a front Radar and Camera.

With quick setup, innovative multi-function-fixture, robust but maneuverable design, and a broad selection of adjustable calibration targets, the DAS 3000 is ready for multiple applications within the automotive workshop. Bosch diagnostic scan tools as well as diagnostic software ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online in combination with DAS 3000 ensure a proper calibration of the Active Cruise Control (ACC), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Assistance system (LDW/LKA).

Features and Benefits DAS 3000

  • New wheel clamps for attachment in seconds and maximum accuracy
  • New bumper plate for precise distance measurement to the bumper
  • Printout which documents the correct alignment of the calibration device
  • New positioning software for more efficient processes and intuitive operation
  • Controlling vehicle specific calibration easily with diagnostic software ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online in combination with computed workflows and Target positioning: conform with OEM requirements, best efficiency and future proof (i.e. LIDAR)
  • Trolley with universal fixture designed for installation of multiple Target boards: rapid and accurate 1-point, 2-point and sequential calibrations
  • Scope of delivery includes a XL multi-function board: VW Group Camera calibration pattern and Radar reflector in one
  • Versatility scope of delivery includes a precision measurement bar designed for magnetic fixation of components from Bosch Multi-Target-shop: For rapid and accurate placement of Target boards
  • Integrated cameras and software workflows measure the distance to the vehicle and line-up to thrust line (driving axis) fully digital: guarantees a fast and accurate positioning including traceability
  • Universal fixture with integrated Pitch angle fine adjustment on top of device: For comfortable and ergonomic adjustment
  • Universal fixture with integrated height offset and roll angle adjustment: efficient pre-setting for dedicated working bays (i.e. above floor installed lifts)
  • XL Multi-function board covers all OEM Radar mounting heights and requires just a lateral rough positioning: simplifies the setup significantly, best liability.
  • Universal fixture offers Radar 3-point calibration (-2° / 0° / +2°): very ergonomic as operator can operate Diagnostic software and tiling mechanism in the same action range.
  • Robust trolley with extra-large wheels: For easy maneuverability and flexibility in busy workshop environments