vehicle system analysis

FSA 500– portable measuring module


The FSA 500 portable measuring module is your entry-level solution for vehicle system analysis. Its compact and easy-to-handle design make it straightforward for technicians to carry out more in-depth diagnosis of the most important electrical and electronic components.


Enhancing its simple operation is a clear menu with concise test steps and instructions. For experienced users, the advanced features and system integration can evolve a workshop’s ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online software (purchased separately) into an all-round test system.

Features and Benefits FSA 500

  • 30 pre-set component tests: Fast, efficient and accurate component testing
  • Built-in signal generator simulates sensor signals: Facilitates efficient testing of a vehicle’s electrical systems and electronic components
  • Universal oscilloscope with fast 2-channel and 4-channel mode: Choose the mode that suits the task for the most effective diagnosis
  • Compact (220 x 290 x 110 m): Takes up minimal space – can be placed in a convenient workshop location
  • Powerful Bluetooth connection to PC: Secure for mobile use
  • Practical charging cradle available for trolley or wall-mounting: A dedicated charging location improves workshop efficiency
  • Extendable solution: Combine with KTS modules for integrated display of actual value from ECU diagnostics. Use with FSA 050 for enhanced testing of electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Wireless connectivity: Conntect with Bosch Connected Repair or other workshop networks to help you work more efficiently