ACDelco Batteries

ACDelco offers a complete and comprehensive range of Maintenance Free batteries suitable for most Asian (Japanese and Korean), European and American models. ACDelco also offers a full line of Industrial, Heavy Duty and Marine batteries.

ACDelco Maintenance Free Batteries are 100% maintenance free which means you “install it and forget it.” These batteries never need water or acid, as they are sealed and cannot be tampered with. Because they are sealed – no contaminants can get in the battery, which reduces the battery service life.

ACDelco uses state-of-the-art quality processes and the best materials to ensure a long life that far exceeds that of the average battery sold in the Middle East market. They are built using cold-rolled expanded lead calcium grids, which provide longer life, lower water usage, and less grid corrosion. This superior technology also resists overcharging and thermal runaway failures. ACDelco also uses plates made from high-density paste for greater cycle life.
Other features include a built in flame arrestor which prevents flame entering from outside sources, and a heat sealed cover which provides maintenance free protection with strength and rigidity. Other important elements include the spin sealed no leak terminals, which eliminate the need to clean the terminals and ACDelco’s polypropylene cases with flex ribs providing continuous support that absorbs vibration. Finally, ACDelco batteries come with a ‘magic eye’ built-in hydrometer, which provides a convenient indicator of the state of charge. ACDelco batteries are engineered especially for the hot climate of the Middle East and are produced in the region, for the region, and therefore provide the freshest possible product.

Standing behind the quality of all its batteries, ACDelco offers a 12-month international warranty throughout the Middle East.