Diagnostics technology / Workshop equipment

Workshop solutions for the future – save time and money in troubleshooting and repairs. For professional service on modern vehicles, Bosch provides test equipment, software, and expertise perfectly coordinated from a single source.

Electronic Control Unit Diagnostics

Professional test equipment for vehicle electronics: The increasing amount of electronics in the vehicle requires professional diagnosis.

Air conditioner service

The new ACS units from Bosch offer all the advantages of convenience, precision and fully automated operations.

Tire Changers

Tire Changers from Bosch Bosch offers the workshop tire service technology in the form of a comprehensive range of highly modern tire changers.

Emissions Analysis

Test and minimize pollutant emissions with modular measuring equipment – in line with the most recent legislation and higher measurement accuracy

Diesel test benches

Robust, durable and cost-efficient - the optimal way to enter the market for conventional diesel testing technology.

Battery service

The battery service segment contains a wide selection of high-grade electronic and rapid-start chargers, as well as battery testers for professional workshops

Wheel Alignment

The wheel alignment series range provides the right wheel alignment unit for every workshop.

Wheel Balancers

The new generation of wheel balancers from Bosch have versatility, timesaving operation, tire protection, and operational safety in common.

Automotive lifts

For inspection of vehicle underbody, brake repairs and silencer replacement to name but a few applications. The lift moves the vehicle to a comfortable working height.

Vehicle system analysis

Quick, convenient and accurate diagnosis