Bosch Braking Parts

The Bosch braking parts program (pads, shoes drums and discs) includes the expected and assured quality, extensive coverage, reliable supply and manufacturer support.

Aftermarket application coverage is at its highest, with applications that suit the makes and models of local, Asian and European vehicles.

Manufacturing quality

Bosch friction products are manufactured to QS9000 and ISO14001 (Standard for environmental management systems), guaranteeing quality and environmentally sound products for the braking repair industry.

Testing capability

Bosch ensures the performance and reliability of their friction materials by conducting product testing on the following criteria:


  • Sheer strength
  • Compressibility
  • Dimensional stability


  • Noise suppression damping
  • Vibration absorption


  • Wear characteristics

All Bosch friction products are tested rigorously.

With safety, comfort and durability as the key customer requirements, vehicle tests are also conducted on the formula, composition and structure of our friction products.