ACDelco uses some of the world’s most sophisticated filtration technology and materials. ACDelco products meet or exceed all application requirements which provide the best overall mix of filtration performance and durability.

Fuel Filters

ACDelco Fuel Filters prevent contamination and help provide a long, trouble free engine life. They are available for in-line, in-carburetor, and fuel-injection applications. Resin-impregnated pleated-paper filtering media increase filter capacity. Threaded and tube type fittings allow easy installation in metal or rubber fuel line application.

Transmission Filters

ACDelco Transmission Filters provide protection from harmful impurities that accumulate in transmission fluid and cause transmission failure. They serve a dual purpose: eliminate cavitation’s and remove transmission damaging particles. The filter is hermetically sealed without the use of gaskets or sealants.

Air Filters

Regular use of ACDelco Air Filters for the engine and cabin is important for you and your car. Cabin air filters help eliminate common airborne pollutants from the interior of your vehicle while the engine air filter blocks particles that are harmful to the combustion chamber.

Oil Filters

ACDelco Oil Filters have been designed and developed to meet or exceed most application requirements. They provide the best overall mix of filtration performance, flow management and product durability.