ACDelco Lubricants

ACDelco offers a wide range of products serving a vast variety of vehicle care, maintenance and performance needs. ACDelco fluids inhibit rust and corrosion found in axles, engines, transmissions and cooling systems. They lubricate internal parts thereby reducing mechanical failure and also offering excellent heat transfer properties that extend the service life of vehicles.

ACDelco provides a world-class quality offering of engine oils that are designed to meet the most demanding specifications required from the Middle East region. Our portfolio ranges from a fully synthetic 5W50 and 5W40 to the semi -synthetic 10W40 and mineral based fluids. Our entire line up is premium SL grade and also suited for light duty diesel applications. As well as an SL rating, the ACDelco 15W40 is CG-4 rated for heavy-duty large vehicle diesel applications. We even have semi-synthetic smokeless motorcycle oil. Additional range includes "Classic" line, as well as SL/CG premier grade 5W30 and 10W30 oils to meet the Middle East market demand.

DEX-COOL Engine Coolant

ACDelco's DEX-COOL is a universal engine coolant, which incorporates a patented carboxylate inhibitor technology. The technology provides maximum protection of the six basic metal alloys found in most heat transfer systems. Without phosphate and silicates, hard water deposits in the cooling systems are eliminated.


ACDelco’s DEXRON III is one of the most advanced automatic transmission fluid formulations in the world. It provides excellent low-temperature viscosity for good cold-start shifting, while protecting against rust, corrosion and wear.