Smoother ride, Reliable Performance

ACDelco Spark Plugs boost your vehicle's long-lasting performance, time and time again.

Patented, one-piece insulator design — withstands temperature, pressure and vibration.
Fits all cars and all models - ACDelco Automotive Spark Plugs fit most passenger cars, trucks, commercial, marine and sports vehicles as well as small engines.

A Preferred Performer - ACDelco Spark Plugs are used as Original Equipment on more vehicles than any other spark plug.

Improved Corrosion Resistance - ACDelco Spark Plugs are zinc-plated to protect against corrosion and resist shock for extended reliability.

The copper core electrode - helps transfer heat, which is important for today's smaller hotter-running engines.
Longer life - when used in high-energy ignition systems, ACDelco Spark Plugs can be expected to last a minimum of 30,000 miles.

ACDelco Spark Plugs are available in: eight-pack sleeves.

Professional Platinum Spark Plug

  • Dual platinum tip for improved resistance to spark erosion
  • Maximize engine performance over time
  • Virtually unchanging spark gap throughout the life of the plug

  • Fits older engines that run conventional plugs
  • Platinum center electrode with platinum pad to lower ignition demand voltage and reduce flame kernel quenching

  • Available for most vehicle makes and models
  • ACDelco Professional Platinum Spark Plugs are designed to meet increased auto industry performance and reliability requirements while keeping up with the demands of drivers who want the best.